New Teas 2016: Let’s start with black tea

You have at your disposal a whole new series of teas in Fresh Chinese Tea. Let’s start by black tea, in which you will find these new ones:

Yunnan Golden Tips (Jin Jun Mei). This is considered by tea connoisseurs as one of the best black teas in the world. It is the highest grade of the teas classified as Dianhong, characterized by including golden buds along with fermented tea leaves. The more golden buds the higher the quality. And in this case in particular, these golden buds are absolute majority. Flavor? Really good, elegant, friendly and a gourgeous aroma. You have more information about Yunnan Golden Tips here.

Black Tea Pearls. Instead it is called also Black Dragon Tea Pearls (Pearl Black Dragon), this it’s really a serious tea. This tea is composed of handmade tea balls using about tea leves 10 for each one. This process is done with selected freshly picked leaves which are fermented later. As we said, a serious one, with a very good flavor and aroma. Click here for more information and photos.

Dianhong Maofeng black tea. Maofeng tea leaves fermented (there is also a variety of green tea which comes from the same bush) whith added golden buds. A soft black tea itself, a fact that is enhanced with the golden buds (Dianhong). A very good option to start with black tea. More pictures and information in our online tea shop, by clicking here.

Well, we hope you like all these new black teas. We also have a number of new teas from other varieties: white tea, green tea, oolong tea, Puerh tea, that we will be showing here on our blog and also in our online store. We are also at your disposal in our tea shop in Barcelona, in Travessera de les corts Local 154-158 G (L3 Les Corts Metro, bus L59, H8).

Jin Jun Mei Golden Yunnan tips te negro

Jin Jun Mei Golden Yunnan tips te negro

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