Cold Tea Recipes: Rooibos macedonia

Although Rooibos is not from the tea family, we will not exclude it from our cold tea recipes section. Not only because there are people who consider it a variety of tea, but also because this is a recipe suitable for all audiences, 100% caffeine free.

This Rooibos macedonia recipe is perfect to take at any time of the day. With many antioxidants, we can consider it “Sangria for the little ones in the house”. Keep in mind that the Rooibos, originating in South Africa, is usually prepared cold in the summer.




We prepare Rooibos infusion first. For this recipe we use Rooibos Pure Organic, so we add flavor only from the fruits that accompany it. For a jar of a liter we need about six tablespoons of Rooibos.

We cut all the fruits in dices. We add them after cleaning them to the resulting infusion and leave it in the refrigerator.

To serve it you can use both crushed ice and cubes. A very simple recipe with lots of fruit, with no added refined sugars, which makes it the perfect substitute for any industrial soda.

Rooibos Puro Orgánico

Rooibos Puro Orgánico

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