Anji Bai Cha, the green tea of ​​those who know how

Hello everyone. We start a new tea season with a very special variety: Anji Bai Cha green tea.

This tea comes from the Chinese province of Zhejiang. With an elongated, almost needle-shaped leaf, in this variety we can appreciate that it has been collected manually, thanks to the two leaves and a stem, the so-called “Imperial picking”. The aroma is fresh, with more complex nuances than with the most common green tea varieties.

We prepare the infusion using a medium-small size Yixing clay teapot. This will condition the amount of tea we are going to add, as well as the infusion time. In this case, we will add about two grams of tea, to add water at about 70 degrees. The infusion time will be shorter this time, without reaching 1 minute.

Once the infusion is ready, we use a small strainer, to serve directly to the cup, without using this time any jug, also called the cup of justice.

The color of the infusion is a pale green with a light tone. The taste of this Anji Bai Cha is very special.

As a small detail, the leaves remain whole, slightly changing the color to whitish tones. Hence its name, which literally means “Anji’s white tea.”

As we have commented, the aroma of this green tea is more complex, being much more aromatic than other varieties such as Longjing or even Liu An Gua Pian. That shows in the taste, with a lot of personality and a lasting and very pleasant aftertaste.

In summary, this Anji Bai Cha green tea is of a higher level thanks to an exceptional flavor and aroma, which has made it a highly respected green tea and appreciated by those in the world of tea. Undoubtedly, a very clear example of what a superior quality tea means, highly recommended for those who want to move to the next level and further enter the world of tea.

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Well, that’s all for today. Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

Anji Bai Cha

Anji Bai Cha

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