We start 2016 enjoying with one of the new additions to our catalog, Japanese green tea Bancha. This tea is very popular in Japan, and is considered the “tea for every day.” Obtained from the same bush as Japanese Sencha tea, it is widely used in Europe as a complement in macrobiotic diets.

The aroma of this Japanese Bancha is soft, but nice with mid presence. Leaf is a medium-large size.

With green teas you have to be careful with the water temperature and brewing time. In this particular case we let water repose once has reached the boiling point. After 2-3 minutes, we make the infusion for a couple of minutes more. A short-time infusion with water at moderate temperature to avoid it become bitter.

Once infused these japanese Bancha gives a subtle and nice scent. The infusion has a light bright green color. The flavor is mild, well balanced with a minimum bitter taste. The aftertaste thet leaves in the mouth is persistent and durable, while also nice.

A soft green tea, to enjoy every day, especially if you’re a fan of Japanese green tea.

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