Today we enjoy a really special tea, Bi Luo Chun. This tea comes from the Chinese region of Jiangsu. This tea is a classic of the early spring harvest, and is known in Europe as Pi Lo Chun.

The first reaction is aroma. Fresh, powerful, with a dense touch, surprising even in a green tea. Then this green tea again surprised us with the shape of its leaves. Medium in size, with light, dark touches and sharp stems of the type that can be found in Bai Mu Dan white tea. A surprising fact of the leave is its touch, very soft and tender. In fact it is the spiral-shaped form that gives it its name, which in Chinese means “spring green snail”. In short, at first glance the appearance of the leaf is delicate and very elegant.

We proceed to prepare the infusion at moderate temperature, about 75-80 degrees, for a time of about 2-3 minutes. These are typical parameters for green tea. This time we will use a Gaiwan instead of a teapot. The Gaiwan, which literally means “cup with lid,” is a very typical utensil in China to infuse and serve tea.

Once the infusion is made, Bi Luo Chun is again surprising by its flavor. Very special, with character initially given by a moderate bitter touch, but leaving a wonderful aftertaste. This aftertaste shows fruity touches totally natural and very fresh. Remembers a few varieties such as green tea Bai Mao Huo. The experience with this tea remembers, saving the distances, that can be had with a good fruity non-gas white wine. This green tea Bi Luo Chun expands the range in terms of taste, compared to the typical raw grass taste of other Chinese teas such as Longjing, to give an example.

A very complete tea, both in aroma and in taste and aftertaste, and with a lot of personality. If we add the texture of the leaves, this Bi Luo Chun ends up leaving the bar very high. Highly recommended now that the good weather begins in the spring season, to leave a very good taste in the aftermeal.

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Té verde Bi Luo Chun | Tea time cata de té Fresh Chinese Tea
Té verde Bi Luo Chun | Tea time cata de té Fresh Chinese Tea