Da Yu Ling oolong Taiwan: a very different tea

Hi. Today we enjoy a very different Taiwan tea: Da Yu Ling Oolong. The leaves come rolled in the typical shape of the oolong teas from Taiwan. The stems and leaves are well appreciated. From the first moment the aroma surprises us, with some touches that remind us of cocoa, but in a natural way, without added aromas.

We prepare the infusion using a clay Yixing teapot, adding about three grams of tea. Then add water to about 90 degrees, almost to the boiling point, and let the infusion for about five minutes. Da Yu Ling oolong is the highest grown tea in Taiwan, starting at 2,600 meters. It is, then, one of the so-called “High Grown Teas”, “Gao Shan Cha” in Chinese.

Once the infusion is ready, we will enjoy this great but unknown blue tea in Europe. We use a filter and glass cup of justice appreciate better the flavor and color of the infusion. The color is a beautiful golden with ocher tints. The aroma is simply spectacular, with the aforementioned touches of cocoa all natural.

The flavor has presence, but it is very pleasant, on the other hand usual in the oolong varieties of half fermentation. This Da Yu Ling oolong from Taiwan has a very own personality, and is very different in flavor and aroma from other types of oolong tea, such as Ali Shan or Dong Ding, possibly being the one that has a denser flavor of all those mentioned .

In short, a more than recommended tea, which due to its aroma and flavor is perfect to starters in the world of tea. And it holds very well to go adding water several times without losing flavor or aroma.

Well, that’s all for today. You have a video version of this article on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

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Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

Da Yu Ling Taiwan Oolong

Da Yu Ling Taiwan Oolong

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