Diahong Maofeng black tea: the one of the house, soft and pleasant

Hi. Today we enjoy a black tea from the province of Fujian: Dianhong Maofeng. This is a black tea “of the house”, being of standard quality but from a renown province. With a large leaf with a curly and wild aspect, it combines a lighter bud to round off the flavor.

We are going to prepare this black tea Dianhong Maofeng using three grams of tea, which we will add to the teapot water at about 70 degrees, and we will let the tea be infused for about five minutes.

Maofeng, both green and black varieties, is a soft tea, and in this case ocher color with amber touches. The smoked does not stand out in an obvious way in this Maofeng Dianhong, being a very easy tea to drink, being really soft.

The aftertaste that leaves in the mouth is also soft, without having astringent touches, otherwise typical in tea of ​​standard quality. Dianhong Maofeng is not a premium premium tea, but even so, we have a more than decent tea, where the savoir faire of the people who made it is very noticeable.

In addition, it holds well to go adding water, fact that allows you to enjoy a quiet tea session.

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Well, this is all for today. Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

Dianhong Maofeng Fressh Chinese Tea

Dianhong Maofeng Fressh Chinese Tea

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