Genmaicha Japanese green tea, a toasted flavor

Hello. Today in our tea session we enjoy a Japanese green tea Genmaicha. Genmaicha is a very popular tea in Japan, which is usually taken daily, especially in autumn and winter.

This Japanese tea is made up of Japanese Bancha green tea, flavored with toasted brown rice, and Matcha powder tea to round off the taste and texture.

We prepare the infusion in a typical glass Gaiwan, using about 4 grams of tea, and we add water at about 75 degrees, to let the infusion being done for about three minutes.

The Matcha tea fulfills its function from the first moment, making the infusion turbid. On the other hand, the whole rice stands out with a very dense aroma with toasted touches.

In the beginning, Genmaicha tea was a cheaper variety of tea in Japan, by mixing rice with pieces of tea leaves. Over time it has become a more gourmet variety in Europe, adding pieces of popcorn and Matcha to the original recipe. Once the infusion is ready, we will enjoy this Japanese Genmaicha.

The density of the aroma remains in the flavor, with a more favorable balance for the brown rice. Soft Bancha tea rounds off with herbal touches.

The aftertaste in the mouth lasts, thanks to the presence of Matcha tea sprinkled. Thanks to this last ingredient in the recipe of this Genmaicha, finally the balance is balanced between roasted rice along with popcorn, and the green teas Bancha and Matcha.

This Japanese tea Genmaicha is an unusual green tea, due to the toasted factor. Turbid of color and persistent in aftertaste, it is very digestive, and a good remedy when it is cold, enduring very well to go adding water several times.

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Thank you very much and see you soon.

Genmaicha japonés

Genmaicha japonés

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