Gunpowder: persistent and nice green tea

Today at Tea Time we return to green Tea with a very popular variety in Europe: Gunpowder. This one, specifically Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, is a Chinese tea from Zhejiang.

The aroma of this Gunpowder is not very powerful. Subtle, but it smells fresh. The shape of the leaves give this tea its name. Rolled to form small rounded balls that reminds gunpowder, with a dark green color.

As a curiosity, about the name of this tea, known in China as “Zhu cha” (pearl tea), the name “Gunpowder” may come from the Chinese “Gang Pao de” meaning “freshly baked”. The result is a really powerful name for the Anglo-Saxon public, who were pioneers on the import of tea to Europe.

The taste is a little bitter, but at his point, well balanced. The strength of this tea is that the taste that it leaves in your mouth is persistent and pleasant. It is stronger in flavor than aroma, definitely. Perfect for after meals, to leave mouth clean. And with that slightly bitter taste typical of many green teas.

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

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