Huang Shan Maofeng: top quality wild green tea

Hi. Today we dedicate our tea session to one of the most prestigious varieties in China: Huang Shan Maofeng.

This is a tea of ​​superior quality, and you can see the leaf when you see the “two leaves and a stem” that indicates that it has been picked by hand. With needle-like leaves, this Huang Shan Maofeng has a fresh herbal aroma, with some floral detail.

We prepare this green tea in a Gaiwan of Yixing, to which we are going to add about three grams. Then we add water at a moderate temperature, without reaching the boiling point. In this case, the infusion time will be short.

Given the quality of this tea with whole and fresh leaves, we are not going to clean the leaf or filter it.

The infused leaves are kept whole and with a really nice color. Without a doubt, another quality detail.

The color of the infusion is a nice light pale green, which invites you to enjoy its flavor.

And the taste of this Huang Shan Maofeng is its great strong point. With presence, but with a really good balance that makes it very pleasant. The herbaceous flavor is very good, with a small floral touch that gives it a point of extra density to make it even more full the taste it leaves in the mouth. It is undoubtedly a tea with a lot of personality but very pleasant to taste, and that maintains its qualities very well by adding water again several times.

Undoubtedly, one understands when enjoying this Huang Shan Maofeng why it is one of the most famous green teas not only from the prestigious province of Anhui, but throughout China. 100% recommended for everyone.

Well this is all in our session today, You have a video version of this article on our Youtube channel, by clicking here.

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Huang Shan Maofeng

Huang Shan Maofeng

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