Hi. Today we dedicate our session to matcha tea, a very famous variety in Japan and very popular in Europe. In particular today we have Matcha King, a premium quality version.

Matcha tea is powder tea from leaves without stems. The aroma is soft and the color a little greener than standard matcha tea varieties.

How to prepare matcha tea ? We start using a tall bowl, which is preheated by adding the boiled water.

Then we start to beat the tea, using the Chasen, typical beater in the tea culture in Japan, which we also preheat with hot water. This utensil is basic, as we will see later with the final result.

Then add a little water, to add two tablespoons of matcha tea with the Chashaku, bamboo spoon and also a typical utensil in Japan.

At first we beat slowly in circles, so getting a homogenous mixture of matcha tea with the water. The appearance is a dark green, similar to some vegetable detox shakes.

And now comes the step that gives reason to be matcha tea. We add the rest of the water, to taste, and we beat again. This time in vertical movements, without touching neither the bottom nor the walls of the bowl, from left to right. In this way, in about 20 seconds we have the desired foam, and our matcha tea is ready.

The taste is soft, and the texture of the foam gives it its own personality, playing an important role in the final result.

In resume, a soft tea of ​​flavor and effects in terms of caffeine, easy to drink and quick to prepare, and that’s why it is a very popular tea in Japan. And has its own style when adding foam as a key factor in its flavor.

That is all for today. You have a video version of this entry by clicking here. We are at your disposal in our teahouse in Barcelona if you want to buy matcha tea, ​​as well as here in our blog and in our tea shop online. Thank you very much and see you soon.

Cómo preparar Té Matcha
How to brew matcha tea