Yue Guang Bai, all the natural flavor and aroma

Yue Gaung Bai - White moonlight Yunnan

Yue Gaung Bai – White moonlight Yunnan

Hello, at Fresh Chinese Tea we welcome you to a new tea session, dedicated to the variety of Puerh Yue Guang Bai.

Known outside of China also as White Moonlight, it is a variety of Sheng Puerh or raw Puerh, which differs from the most common in the manufacturing process.

This difference process results on a much drier aroma, as well as in the shape of its leaves, with sharp stalks and leaves that are dark on the one hand and light on the other, which makes people frame it as a variety of white tea, although we are facing a great Puerh tea.

We are going to use a traditional ceramic Gong fu tea set, making the infusion in a Gaiwan, instead of using a teapot, and in which we will add about three grams of tea.

We heat the water at about 90 degrees, which is more or less at boiling temperature. Then we add it to the Gaiwan, to make a short infusion, of approximately 1 minute.

In this case we will use a filter so that the infusion is completely clean. as well as a small jug, also called the Justice Cup, to warm down the temperature of our infusion.

Once infused, the leaf shows us a very beautiful and whole reddish color and a full shape, a sign of quality. At this point the aroma of this Yue Guang Bai is shown to us without secrets, with a very well balanced Puerh aroma.

Once ready, we start to enjoy our infusion, which is shown to us in an ocher color with very nice reddish touches.

The flavor of this Yue Guang Bai is an example of harmony of soft bitter touches typical of fermented tea, with a lot of presence, although without stridencies in the persistent aftertaste that it then leaves in the mouth.

As a curiosity, the name of this Yue Guang Bai or White Moonlight is due to the fact that the leaves are allowed to oxidize in the light of the moon, instead of in the sunlight as is usual in other varieties.

This also affects the properties of the leaf, as well as its flavor and aroma, both very special. It is a very elegant tea, which avoids the usual fragrances and floral flavors, as well as the roasted and smoked flavors of other varieties. Here is a simple, delicate process that makes us have a direct and very organic flavor and aroma, to the oxidized leaf.

In short, a very natural, quality tea, highly recommended and that holds up very well as it is infused again.

Well this is it in our session today. We are at your disposal in our tea shop in Barcelona, ​​as well as in our online tea shop.

You have a video version of this article on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

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