After the Holy Week, many women start Operation Bikini, in order to look nice on holidays. Well, even the best advice is to have a good regular food habits and practice moderate exercise throughout the year, it’s never too late to get to it.

One of the best allies of women in China to keep fit is green tea. Quite a trump card that you can take as a supplement to a balanced diet. Clarify that it is always better to take tea in bulk, better than the typical tea bags, besides being of poor quality, has not the active principles of a good fresh whole leaf green tea.

Although there are other kinds of tea well known as fatburners, green tea is good for women specific for several of its properties. It is highly diuretic, which goes very good against fluid retention. It helps regulate cholesterol, blood sugar and body fat levels, ideal for correcting daily diet excesses. And we also add a good dose of antioxidants, perfect for the skin and reduce the effects of aging.

What types of green tea go well? We propose four, with a great reputation in China, which are:

Longjing: a very fresh green tea, with a scent of grass and very strong flavor. In fact it is considered one of the “10 Famous Teas of China”.

Liu An Gua Pian: another “Top Ten China” with a milder flavor and very popular among women in China to stay young.

Jade Jasmine pearls: the most aromatic and floral of these four. Rolled with jasmine petals, has a pleasant aroma and flavor.

Taiping Houkui: the lesser known but also a top class green tea. Super fresh, with very large and delicate leaves but with a really powerful aroma.

The choice of which is the best of the four is very personal, but we will end up with a couple of tips. The first is to prepare the tea with medium heat water, without arriving at the boiling point (75ºC) and infusionate it for a couple of minutes. And the second tip is to take it after breakfast and lunch, to refresh your mouth and make digestions lighter.

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