Jinya Puerh tea: one of the most intense red teas

Hi. Today in our tea session we enjoy the variety of Puerh Jinya. This variety is distinguished from the usual from the first moment, with a much more present fermented aroma than other usual varieties. The size of the leaf is small, with some lighter touches that give it its name. Jinya Puerh would be translated as “Golden bud Puerh”.

We prepare our Puerh tea using a traditional Yixing clay teapot and a Gonfu Cha ceramic tea set with filter and cup of justice . We will add water at a temperature close to the boiling point, to leave it for a short infusion time.

Once ready, we pass this red tea through the filter to add it to the cup of justice. With this we lower the temperature of the tea, and make sure we have a clean infusion.

This first infusion stands out for being mild in flavor and with a fermented aroma very present, with a very nice light reddish color.

Like all good quality tea, this variety of Puerh Jinya tea endures very well by adding water for several times, in which we appreciate another of its distinguishing characteristics, which is none other than gaining color and flavor when doing it more Sometimes, it’s the opposite of usual.

In short, a tea that takes us to the strongest flavors and aromas of Puerh varieties, but without losing its identity that makes it unique internationally. A good choice for those who like strong teas.

And another point to keep in mind, we are facing a very digestive Puerh tea, which is recommended to make after meals more bearable, as well as with multiple health benefits.

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Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.

Té Puerh Jinya - té rojo Fresh Chinese Tea

Té Puerh Jinya – té rojo Fresh Chinese Tea

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