Red Puerh tea traditional selection: top quality and elegance

Hi. Today in our tea taste session we have a top grade variety of Pu Erh: Pu Erh traditional selection. This Pu Erh variety gives off a very elegant earth aroma, soft, but unmistakable to this variety of the Chinese province of Yunnan. The leaves, of a not very large size, have again the typical shape and size, including fermented leaves of more or less dark tones.

Let’s prepare the infusion in a traditional way, with Gaiwan, filter and cup of justice, which is the jar used to serve then to the cup. Add three grams of tea, to infuse at 90 degrees for 5 minutes. Once the infusion was done we filtered it in the jar, to serve it in a cup, in the style of the Gong Fu Cha tea ceremony.

The infused leaves are shown dark and whole once inflated, sign that they are of great quality. The taste of this Pu erh red tea is delicate, without the typical bitter stridencies of lower quality varieties. Even so, it has a lot of presence, and is dense as far as the taste that leaves in the mouth is concerned.

The quality of this tea is due to the process of making and selecting the best leaves, in a totally handcrafted process, hence its name: Pu Erh traditional selection.

In short, a great tea, and a perfect example of the prestige of authentic Pu erh tea from Yunnan. Very digestive, and a good ally to counteract the heavy digestions.

Well, that’s it for today. We remind you that we are at your service in our teahouse in Barcelona, ​​as well as in our online tea shop and in our blog.

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Thank you for your attention and see you soon.

Puerh Tradicional Selección

Puerh Tradicional Selección

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