Where to buy oolong tea in Barcelona? Chinese oolong tea or Taiwan Formosa? If we add that in Europe oolong tea is called blue tea, then the thing gest more complicated. And that we have not taken into account that there are types of oolong tea more “green” and other more “dark”.

Well, let’s apply the saying “It’s worth more an image that a thousand words” with the following video that we have published on our Youtube channel. Click here to watch the video and you will understand better, besides giving you an idea of what would be a shopping experience in our tea house in Barcelona.

If you want to buy oolong tea, we are at your disposal in travessera de les corts 154-158 local G 08028 Barcelona (L3 Les Corts, next to the Camp Nou). If instead you are looking for where to buy oolong tea online, we are at your disposal in our tea shop online www.freshchinesetea.com