The Gaiwan, whose name means literally translated “lid cup”, is one of the traditional utensils in the tea culture in China. The Gaiwan are not usually seen so much in Europe, although its history is practically millenary.

It can be used both to infuse the tea, and to take it directly as a cup.

Whether to surprise a world of tea fan or oriental culture, a Gaiwan is an original gift, and really useful and colorful when enjoying tea.

In Fresh Chinese Tea we have different types of Gaiwan, either made of ceramic, porcelain or clay. We also have traditional tea sets for the Gongfu Cha tea ceremony, in which some include Gaiwan instead of teapot.

Available exclusively at our teahouse in Barcelona, at Travessera de les corts 154-158, local G, next to the Camp Nou (Metro L3 Les corts, Buses 59, H8).

Gaiwan - Gongfu Cha
Gaiwan – Gongfu Cha