We return to the “Top Ten China” in our Tea Time. This time with a famous green tea: Lu An Gua Pian. Also known as “Little melon seed”, it comes from the Chinese province of Anhui. Very good credentials a priori, so things are looking good.

The aroma of this green tea is fresh with lots of presence, really enjoyable. Leaves are curly, medium large size. We proceed to prepare an infusion with wate at moderate temperature and a for a short time (2 minutes).

Infusion’s color is pale green. While losing some flavor, you understand the reason for its reputation. Mild flavor, not at all bitter, very nice and leaving a durable and really good taste in the mouth. As a detail, once infused leaf is fully opened, making it perfect to enjoy it in a glass vase.

The virtues of this tea have been documented for a long time ago (exactly since the Tang’s Dynasty). In China young women use to drink this tea to preserve young, which is one of green tea benefits, due to its antioxidants level.

Lu An Gua Pian is a great tea, highly recommended for those who like green tea. Although with its own personality, it is at the same level of other “Top Ten China ” green teas , such as Longjing.

Lu An Gua Pian
Lu An Gua Pian chinese green tea