In today’s Tea Time we will let apart pure tea’s varieties to make a small foray into the flavored tea. In particular a variety of black rose tea. In this case we are talking about a traditionally flavored tea. This means we are talking about black tea and rose petals, nothing more. We already wrote a review on a flavored tea (see here), and after that we have been focused on pure teas of different varieties.

Well, the aroma when opening the can is spectacular, 100% roses. At this point you understand why sometimes there are people wo call flavored tea “the third dimension of tea”. It really has a very floral aroma, but almost no aroma of black tea at the first moment.

We prepare a long time infusion (4-5 min.) at a low temperature (about 45°). The trick is to let the water apart for a couple of minutes after reaching the boiling point.

Once infused it losts a little scent of roses, and you begin to distinguish some of the typical aroma of black tea. Yes, when you taste it you can clearly notice the heavy taste of tea first, while all the floral taste of rose petals still remains.

It’s a strange feeling at first, but the ingredients of this tea are clearly distinguished. Dense with its cool speck, leaving a really long-lasting taste in mouth.

More a balance than a mix of ingredients, this black rose tea is a good choice for after meals, because although it doesn’t “clean” your mouth like other varieties of green tea, it leaves a very pleasant and aromatic flavor.

Té negro de rosas | Black Rose Tea | Te negre de roses
Té negro de rosas | Black Rose Tea | Te negre de roses