During the next two months we provide an exclusive offer in collaboration with the people of Tot Descompte: 50% of our Jade Jasmine Pearls Tea.

This particular tea comes from the Fujian province of China, also known as “Dragon Phoenix Pearls.” During its ellaboration process, the flowers are mixed with tea and wounded later. This method of processing is repeated up to 3 times. The jasmine flowers are subsequently removed, but their fragrance and flavor linger. A wonderful tea with a lovely sweet jasmine smell anf flavour.

To enjoy this offer effectively you have to present your discount card included in the magazine.

Tot descompte is an initiative to enjoy the best discounts in local shops and neighborhood, in which we at Fresh Chinese Tea have proudly engaged.

To obtain a copy of the magazine and the card, and for more information, visit their website www.totdescompte.com

Fresh Chinese Tea & Tot Descompte
Fresh Chinese Tea & Tot Descompte