We continue with pressed teas at today’s Tea Time. After the tea we reviewed last week, today we enjoy Lan Gui Ren oolong. The name of this Chinese tea literally means “lady orquid”. It comes from the Chinese province of Yunnan.
This tea has small balls rounded shape. In fact Lan Gui Ren is produced by compressing the tea with ginseng’s powder and licorice herb, which gives it a really curious shape.

The aroma of this tea has a strong presence, with personality, due to the the unusual ingredients that compose it.

So we prepare the infusion, at elevated temperature for about 5 minutes, and the first surprise is that, once infused, it doesn’t lose any aroma at all. The infusion gradually changes color as we refill the cup. From an intense light green it goes to get some amber hues.

The taste of Lan Gui Ren oolong is not disappointing, being strong, due to ginseng. With a taste in the mouth very present, durable and nice.

Lan Gui Ren oolong is a good choice to replace the black tea at the morning for these one, due to the fact that, instead of the properties of oolong teas, we add the extra stimulating value of the ginseng.

Lan Gui Ren oolong
Lan Gui Ren oolong