Hello. Today we enjoyed in our tea session a very special variety of superior quality: Shuixian Wuyi Shan oolong.

This type of oolong tea is roasted, so the first impression on the senses is its dense aroma, very well balanced, with smoky touches. The leaf is curly, dark in color and large in size.

We prepare this tea using a large size traditional porcelain Gaiwan. We add about three grams of tea, and then water at about 80 degrees. The infusion will be short, less than two minutes.

As a detail, the infused leaves are kept whole, and the aroma takes over the room.

Once the infusion is ready, we begin to enjoy it by serving it in the cup. The color is ocher with reddish tints, and it came out completely clean without the need to filter it.

The flavor of this Shuixian oolong lives up to its aroma. With a well-balanced intensity, it has a lot of presence. Its toasted flavor, without being stale, is truly enveloping, enjoying it with every sip.

Wuyi Shan, located in Fujian, is one of the most prestigious tea-growing areas in the world, and this tea is an example of why. This oolong tea attracts attention both for its flavor and its aroma, very present but very elegant at the same time. The quality of this tea is truly spectacular, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste.

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