Hello. Today we enjoy a recipe for iced tea, made with Puerh tea, orange and peach.

We start by making the infusion of red Pu erh tea, in this case of the Jinya Puerh variety. We will use about 5 grams for a liter of tea, adding water at approximately 85 degrees.

Once the first infusion is done, add it to a jug, using a filter to make it clean. Given the size of the teapot, we will make two infusions in a row, using the same tea leaves.

Once all the tea infusion has been added to the jug, we will add the rest of the ingredients. We will start by adding an already peeled and chopped orange, and then add a peach, also without skin and in pieces. Finally, we will add a little honey to give it a sweet touch.

We take advantage now that it is still hot to stir everything well and that all the flavors are integrated.

Once it is almost at room temperature, we serve the infusion in a glass with ice.

And we already have our frozen red dye with orange and peach ready. Fresh and fruity, and terrific.

Well, that’s it for today’s session. Thank you very much for your attention and see you soon.